Video: Chris Bosh gets to work


First we saw LeBron James’ video of his first workout with the Heat. Now the team has released a second video profiling Chris Bosh at the Heat training facility, working out with coaches and trainers. There’s nothing in it to make any significant observations from, of course. But it is interesting to look at the fact that once again, Bosh is working in the mid-range set, and driving from face-up, away from the basket before looping in for a dunk. Unless LeBron James really decides to change his game to work in the block, the Heat are going to seriously be missing a true power-post player. Which means that on those rare occasions when the entire team doesn’t shoot well (and they will happen), they’re going to be in a bit of a pickle. 

Still, it’s striking to see the Heat working this much, all the way in early September. The effort’s there, that can’t be denied.