Kobe's knee rehab going well, at least from what Luke Walton sees


Thumbnail image for bryant_game2.pngKobe Bryant had his knee scoped out this summer, which was not a shock after he had to have it drained of fluid during the playoffs. You can say “just a scope” if you want, it’s still surgery.

And it still requires rehab. Kobe approaches rehab just about the way you’d expect Kobe to approach anything that got between him and playing basketball. Luke Walton is witness, as he told Lakers.com reporter Mike Trudell.

Yes, I’ve seen Kobe at the gym the last couple weeks rehabbing his knee. He’s itching to get back on the court. He shows up every morning at 7 a.m. at the team’s facility and is kind of wrapping up around the time I get there at around 9 a.m. Kobe looks great – he says his knee feels great. He’s just about to start doing basketball workouts again and can’t wait for it.

Kobe was expected to be ready to go at the start of camp, although there is no reason to rush him. He can miss a little of camp and it would be no big deal.

But if you think Kobe sees it that way…