LaMarcus Aldridge and a hula hoop have something in common


What do LaMarcus Aldridge and a hula hoop have in common?

They both need great hips to work correctly.

Blazers assistant coach Bill Bayno spoke with The Oregonian about Aldridge’s offseason development plan. In the interview, Bayno spoke about the work Aldridge has put into his game, including adding muscle without losing quickness, post-moves and the importance to put the inside shoulder into the defender, and counter-moves to create space for his pull-up jumper (one of the stronger parts of his game). Of course, he also mentioned the importance for Aldridge to work on his physical, ahem, assets in the post. From the Oregonian:

“I think it’s not so much — he plays in the post, it’s just adding some
more moves to that post game. It’s all predicated on being physical and
using his body. In the post ups, I call it ass-hips. Where he’s
stepping into the defense and really putting his butt and his hips on
the defender to get him to either react or commit one way or the other.”

It makes sense. You’ll notice that Hakeem Olajuwon, Shaquille O’Neal, all the dominant post-players played using their lower half to dominate the opponent. But it’s most notable that Aldridge has put this kind of work in to his game. With Greg Oden a gigantic, neon, flaming question mark and Brandon Roy taking a step back last season, if the Blazers are going to return to being considered a rising contender, they need Aldridge to take a step forward and become a higher-level player.

All of that starts with working on the physical tests he has to overcome. And to do that he needs to pass hips first.