Want to hear "Champion" by Ron Artest? Buy NBA2K11.


The marketing hook for NBA2K11 is Michael Jordan. Because he still sells. Jordan will be on the cover and inside the game will be eight vintage Jordan teams you can play.

And a Ron Artest song.

Artest’s “Champion” is one of the 27 tracks that will be part of the soundtrack for the most popular of NBA video games. (At least until NBA Jams is back.) The lineup of artists used includes Snoop Dogg, Drake, Big Boi and of courts The Alan Parsons Project.

(Yes Parsons, you can’t do Jordan without Parsons. Think I’m kidding? I don’t kid about Alan Parsons. Follow this link to their song Sirius, it was the intro music for the 90s Bulls. Or watch a classic NBA finals intro from that era and hear the tunes.)

And if you can’t wait that long to hear Champions, well, we can help you out with that.