Derrick Rose says he is never leaving Chicago. Never.


drose_back.jpgDerrick Rose apparently does not listen to or take advice from Justin Beiber. Which shows he is smart. He’s also not taking the advice of The Fray. And finally, he is clearly not listening to or taking the advice of the best of the three — Romeo Void.

Rose said “never.” As in he is never leaving Chicago.

Here is the quote from ESPNChicago:

“I’m never [leaving],” he said, before punctuating that statement a few seconds later. “Never.”

Rose is a hometown Chicago boy, who left for a year to go to college in Memphis and is back home. He doesn’t want to leave.

But in this era of free agency, never can be a very long time. Still, Chicago fans, you have to be happy with where his heart is.