Jason Kidd won't play for Team USA, but he'll be around


It was understood going in that the 2008 Olympics would be Jason Kidd’s last hurrah as a member of Team USA, but it looks like he’ll remain a part of the program even if he forgoes the whole playing thing. According to Marc Stein of ESPN.com, Kidd has been invited to act as an adviser for this year’s team, after USA head coach Mike Krzyzewski specifically requested his involvement.

Not a bad move. Kidd played his role perfectly in Beijing, and though overall he was one of the least productive members of the Redeem Team, his involvement in the program was still a crucial part of Team USA’s resurgence. Kidd was the point guard that the stars among stars — Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade — wanted to play with, and while America’s 2008 gold obviously had more to do with Team USA’s more productive players, Kidd was still important as a point man, a positive on-court influence, and a symbol for the program.

Now Team USA will continue to benefit from Kidd’s experience in international play, but while also playing a better scorer at point guard. The Americans could afford to start a pass-first, pass-second, and pass-third PG in 2008 (Kidd took just seven shots in eight games during the gold medal run), but with a new-look roster, it’s unlikely they’ll still have that luxury. Team USA will still feature some of the world’s most talented players, but with James, Bryant, Wade, Chris Bosh, Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, and Deron Williams not among them, I think it’s fair to assume a slightly different offensive approach may be in order.