Charlotte may keep Erick Dampier, but not at $13 million


Dampier.jpgIf there is one sure thing left this summer besides washed up players begging for a comeback with the Heat, it is that Erick Dampier’s contract will be terminated.

He is due $13 million next season, and the fact that it was a non-guaranteed deal made him a trading chip this summer. Dallas cashed in that chip for Tyson Chandler and Alexis Ajinca (certainly less than they hoped to get). Charlotte does not want to venture into luxury tax range, so they will wipe out Dampiers’s deal.

But he may stay in Charlotte, he told the Associated Press.

“I would obviously give Charlotte the first opportunity and see what they say, see if they’re interested in me or not,” Dampier said. “Then we’ll go from there. If they’re not interested in me I’m sure there are other teams out there that could possibly be interested.”

In a summer when teams are looking for a big body to put in the middle, Dampier is that. He is 6’11”, 265 and when healthy last season he gave the Mavericks 6 points and 7 rebounds a game in 22 minutes. He can give a team some solid minutes in the paint. Not spectacular, but solid.

Charlotte could use that, after trading away Chandler. Just a big body off the bench. It’s going to come down to money. It won’t be $13 million, but he will have a contract for next season.