If LeBron James went to New Jersey, Rod Thorn would have stayed


Thumbnail image for nets-logo.gifAnd the ramifications of LeBron’s decision just keep rolling in.

On his last day on the job as general manager for the New Jersey Nets, Rod Thorn sat down with reporters and among the things he said was that he would have stayed on the job if LeBron James had chosen New Jersey, according to ESPN.

“It’s been a heck of a tour here, over these last 10 years,” Thorn
said Friday. “I don’t have much to say about the last two years. The
first part of it, even the first year was a lot of fun. It’s always hard
to leave someplace, particularly someplace where you put so much into.
The team is in very capable hands and the Nets have some good times
ahead of them.”

Thorn has had a long and storied career as an NBA executive — he is the man who drafted Michael Jordan. That turned out to be a pretty smart move. He’s had a lot of other ones. The challenge of building a winner around LeBron would have kept him on trying to make more smart moves in New Jersey.

But don’t be shocked if Thorn, 69, takes another gig.

“I have had some calls that have been interesting,” Thorn said. “I
want to see what kind of options I have, whether it’s to stay in this or
do something in something else. Right now, I have some and we’ll see if
others come along.”