The Spurs will celebrate four more years of Matt Bonner


Like it or not, there was legitimate interest in Matt Bonner. The guy may be an NBA punchline, but he’s a big body and a consistent outside shooter, which are two pretty valuable traits for rotation players. Though rather than signing as an afterthought with the Miami Heat or filling in as a designated shooter with a team like Dallas or Chicago, Bonner has agreed to a four-year extension with the San Antonio Spurs. Nothing to see here, just San Antonio holding onto a useful player, even if he is a tad limited.

The future of the Spurs’ power forward/center rotation is definitely worth keeping an eye on as free agency continues. Bonner is secured for next season, but there Ian Mahinmi and Tiago Splitter are still hanging in limbo. Mahinmi is a young big that could draw a decent paycheck if he chooses to leave the comfy confines of the Spurs’ bench, but San Antonio could keep him developing in their back pocket. Splitter is more of an immediate difference-maker. If S.A. can convince Tiago to take a pay cut and come to the states, he could make the Spurs a team to watch next season. Even with an aging core, San Antonio is still a team taht demands attention, and Tiago Splitter would go a long way toward pushing them into true contention.