Uh-oh Miami: Heat pull planned full page welcome ad from Miami Herald at last minute


Read into this whatever you want. Could be nothing, could be everything.

may not be happening. Heat has canceled a full-page welcome ad in The
Miami Herald. This time I’m serious.

That is from
Greg Cote, Miami Herald columnist. Ads get pulled from papers all the time for a lot of reasons.

The official reason is that nobody has signed yet. Which is true. Even if LeBron says he is coming the Beasley trade has to be worked out or scrapped, then the deals have to be signed. Marketing people want to push now, strike when the iron’s hot. Lawyers want the papers signed first. Lawyers always win that battle.

But the timing of this, combined with lingering doubts, makes you wonder a little. ESPN reporters have hedged their bets all day, but their parent company has a vested interest in the drama. Cote and the Herald do not.