Suns trying to get David Lee in sign-and-trade for Stoudemire


Thumbnail image for david_lee.jpgAmare Stoudemire is not a New York Knick. Yet.

Nobody can sign the paperwork until Thursday. That give the Suns to get a little value back for the man they almost traded at the deadline the last two years.

Value back like David Lee, which is one scenario the Suns are working according to the Arizona Republic. Lee, clearly, would have to agree to go to the Suns. Lee would bring Phoenix a new, All-Star power forward to fill out the roster. And Lee’s defense is crap too, so it’s a very fair trade.

“If we can do something to help Phoenix, we will,” Stoudemire’s agent, Happy Walters, said.

The Suns also could work a trade exception with the Knicks, something they could use later or in another sign-and-trade for another player.