The Cavs pitch to LeBron James: Dramatic and themed


The Cleveland Cavaliers weren’t going to try and convince LeBron they made the most business sense, though they definitely feel they have a great financial opportunity for him long-term. They weren’t going to try and convince him even that their basketball club provided the best opportunity, though that’s an easy case to make with their roster and new head coach Byron Scott. And the weren’t going to throw celebrity at him.

Instead, they appealed to who he is, what he stands for, and what he loves. His home.

Their video which is now available on the Cavaliers’ homepage is a 10 minute combination of interviews with local Ohio folk in both Cleveland and Akron, highlights of his career, and his own recorded comments.

It is emotional, it is passionate, it is set to the music of Gladiator (a LeBron favorite):

if James is going to walk away, which he is well within his rights to do, he’s going to have to walk away from more than just Mo Williams and Dan Gilbert. It’s a move away from his home and the people who have embraced him since he was a high school kid. The enormity of James’ decision has never been more clear.