Dirk Nowitzki agrees to terms with Mavericks


Thumbnail image for dirk nowitzki.jpgDirk Nowitzki got what he wanted: A lot of money for the next four years, extending into the new collective bargaining agreement.

The Dallas Mavericks got what they wanted: Nowitzki to take a little less money, giving them some flexibility to bring in other players.

Saturday night, the Mavericks and Nowitzki agreed to terms on a four-year, $80 million contract, first reported by Marc Stein of ESPN. He can’t sign the deal until July 8, which is what he’ll do.

Nowitzki opted out only so that he could negotiate a new deal into the new CBA, which will be cutting the players off at the knees more restrictive. He never looked anywhere else, he was always going to remain a Maverick. It was just a matter of time and money.

Dallas has been very aggressive on the looking for sign-and-trade free agent market — they have a good team and owner Mark Cuban believes them to be just one more piece away from title contention. Is that true? Depends on the piece, doesn’t it.