Cleveland will not do a sign-and-trade to send LeBron away. Duh.


Thumbnail image for CAVALIERS_LOGO.pngIf you have LeBron James, you do nothing to help him leave. Nothing. Under any circumstances. Even if it means more long-term pain.

Do a sign-and-trade and the fan base will never forgive you.

Cleveland’s front office knew that, but a report by Ric Bucher at ESPN confirmed it from his sources — the Cavaliers will not do a sign-and-trade to help LeBron go to another franchise. It may mean a longer rebuilding process, but so be it.

This is not really news or a big deal — Chicago, Miami, New York, New Jersey, the Clippers all knew this and that is why they cleared out cap space.

Who it does leave out of the running are the interested teams over the cap. Primarily the Dallas Mavericks. Mark Cuban may want to plan but Cleveland has to play along for him to work. Houston also would be out of the running, although they are said to be more interested in Chris Bosh (and Toronto will do a sign-and-trade.