Derek Fisher says maybe Phil Jackson isn't really feeling the love


Fisher_Jackson.jpgWe’re all talking about LeBron James decision, and the fruits of that tree.

We forget that Phil Jackson is making a decision this week. One that could have more of a bearing on the next NBA champion than where LeBron lands.

Phil Jackson and everyone around him have said it’s about his health, not about the money and the pay cut owner Jerry Buss wants him to take. But in an interview with Derek Fisher said it’s not the money so much as what it represents.

“As much as it is about his quality of life and how he’s feeling, his energy levels,” Fisher said, “I think his decision could be easier if he wasn’t maybe feeling as though he’s not being fully appreciated, which is how it ultimately makes you feel.”

There have also been reports that Fisher’s decision to return to the Lakers is tied to Jackson. He danced around that question saying he doesn’t think of it like that.

“I think it’s an interesting debate,” Fisher said. “I think you could go either way, depending on who you are. In my opinion, I could be as valuable or more valuable to the team if, unfortunately, Phil wasn’t back. Because then a lot of the value I bring in terms of leadership and the things that’d be necessary to be able to hold it together during that type of transition would be even more important.”