NBA draft: Xavier Henry gets a green room invite


It’s official: Xavier Henry is a big deal. It’s still a bit of an unknown whether Henry will fit better as a 2 or 3 in the NBA, but his talent is undeniable. We’re not necessarily looking at a John Wall-esque off-the-charts prospect or one with DeMarcus Cousins’ considerable collegiate résumé, but Xavier has the look of a long-time NBAer even if he’s lacking in star power.

That’s going to end up suiting some team just fine, and if the NBA is correct in their projections for Henry’s draft spot, that team should be in the lottery. According to Jonathan Givony of Draft Express, Henry has been invited to sit in the draft night green room, typically reserved for the most high-profile of prospects. It doesn’t guarantee that Xavier goes in the top ten, but it’s now virtually certain that Henry will be a lottery selection.