NBA Draft: Kings backup plan may be Greg Monroe


When the Kings traded Andres Nocioni and Spencer Hawes to the Sixers for Samuel Dalembert, it became pretty clear they were aiming for a big in Thursday’s draft. The question is, of course, which big?

The Sacramento Bee reports that DeMarcus Cousins is the top selection, but that if Cousins is off the board, Greg Monroe is the likely selection.

Cousins is all over the place on mock drafts across the media. He’s been shown as high as #2 overall, and as low as near double-digits. The Kings aren’t in a terrible position to try and land him at 5. Cousins is a perfect fit for the Kings, who could add rebounding and physicality in tandem with Carl Landry, and able to work with Dalembert to provide scoring and range.

Monroe is a bit trickier, and has honestly been compared to Spencer Hawes by several scouts. But the thought is that he would provide a more athletic alternative to Hawes and fit within the flow of the offense better. Plus, maybe head coach Paul Westphal won’t continually clash with him.

Monroe has a more established game and more experience than the other center prospects. Often times, draft positioning isn’t determined by best player available, but by a series of choices that result in a team going with an alternate player based on need. Monroe’s in a great position to move up in the draft if the teams ahead of the Kings aren’t scared off by Cousins’ …. well, Cousins-ness.