Ohio minor league baseball team takes latest swing in 'Most Pathetic LeBron James Pitch' competition


jamespoint.jpgI’d just like to take a moment and applaud those NBA cities with cap space that haven’t completely degraded themselves in an attempt to grab headlines related to LeBron James by throwing themselves at him with gimmicks. Thanks for that. 

For the rest of you, here’s your latest competition. 
The Cleveland Plains Dealer reports that the Lake County Captains, the Indians’ minor league affiliate, will hold “Please Stay, LeBron!” night the same night the King’s free agency tour begins. 
No, really.
Every player will be announced with a “Le” in front of it and fans are encouraged to bring their LeBron James and Cavs gear. And oh, yeah, the team will be renamed the LeLake LeCounty LeCaptains for the night. 
Oh, well, if James was wavering on coming back to Cleveland, NOW he’s definitely back on board. I get that the economy’s tough and minor league teams have to do these types of things to grab headlines just like this story’s, but Geez Louise, people. Have some pride!