The answer is 'No, New York does not have any dignity left to waste in its pursuit of LeBron'


They’ve put together a special edition of the New York Magazine. They’ve offered him his run of a strip club for life. The mayor has made a pitch. So has Diddy.

The city of New York has pulled out all the stops in letting LeBron James know it wants him, and it wants him bad. And now the Knicks are offering something else unique. His own show.

The New York Post reports that the MSG Network will premiere “Knicks Night Live” on July 1st, right in time for the free agency push in the NBA. The network is saying all the right things in terms of this just being an advance of their brand, but it’s pretty obvious, this is yet another element to throw at LeBron, enticing him with the idea of his own talk show in the world’s top market.

It certainly fits with James’ M.O. of pursuing ‘global icon’ status. James has long pursued a situation that fits with this kind of total media expansion of his brand. A talk show in New York nightly certainly puts him on a different level with his peers.

At the same time, couldn’t James do this for any network? How many cable networks would afford him this opportunity? It’s arguable that James doesn’t need New York or MSG to pull this off.

But still, it’s nice to be wanted.