Hawks owner Gearon the latest to be fined for "tampering"


Well, at least the league is being consistent. Hawks owner Michael Gearon is the latest person to be fined by the league for publicly admitting that he has the common sense to want LeBron James on his basketball teams. The $25,000 fine was assessed because of Gearon’s comments in a recent Atlanta Journal-Constitution article, when he said “”If somebody came to us tomorrow and said you can have LeBron for max money and it puts you in the luxury tax, I’d do it in a a heartbeat.” 

Maybe it was Gearon saying that he’d be willing to go into the luxury tax that makes the statement “tampering,” but come on. It’s clear that the league is being extra-extra cautious about this stuff because some teams haven’t made it a secret that they’ll do whatever it takes to sign LeBron (namely the Knicks), and that means giving fines to owners who are just stating the obvious. The rules are clear now: if you say you want LeBron on your team before July 1st, you will be fined. Hopefully the money is going to a good cause.