Ed Stefanski is still the man in Philadelphia


Thumbnail image for sixers-logo.jpgOne might have surmised this from the fact he headed up the recently-concluded coaching search, but now we have confirmation:

Ed Stefanski is staying on as president of the Philadelphia 76ers. Ed Snider, the chairman and the man who makes the ultimate decisions for team owner Comcast-Spectacor, wondered why anyone even thought Stefanski was not the man, as phillyBurbs.com reports.

“When did I ever say he wasn’t the guy?” Snider said. “He’s the general manager. He’s got two more years on his contract. I never said anything negative. Have I?”

“We weren’t giving ourselves a vote of confidence, let alone Ed,” (Comcast-Spectacor COO Peter) Luukko explained. “When you have a very disappointing year, as we did, you’ve got to take a couple weeks away from it, a couple steps back, and try to get the emotions out, then begin to build it back.”

Just a note to Snider and Luukko — saying nothing when people start speculating about your GMs job is generally a sign you’re thinking of making a change. People assume if you’re not saying anything it’s because you can’t say something nice. Next time, give the man a little public pat on the back. Thanks for listening.