LeBron does not want to pick his next coach


nba_james1_250.jpgLeBron James wants a lot of things. He wants to win. He wants a boatload of money to play basketball. He wants teammates that show up in the clutch. He wants some Finals MVP trophies to go with those regular season ones.

He does not want to pick his new coach. That’s what longtime James friend and business manager Maverick Carter told ESPN:

“All these rumors out there are absolutely untrue,” said Carter, the most powerful voice in James’ inner circle. “LeBron just wants to win. He doesn’t want to handpick his next coach.”

Pick, no. But you can bet he will be consulted on the next coach in Cleveland if Mike Brown is let go (so, he will be consulted). You can bet that the front offices of the Bulls and Clippers would love to consult with him on their hires. James will have an influenced over who his next new coach will be, and frankly will have influence over the coaches for a couple other teams as well.