Joe Johnson to the Bulls?


Johnson.jpgFree agent talk around the Bulls seems to be focusing on some other guy. Can’t quite recall his name. Pretty good player though, as I remember.

But the Joe Johnson is a free agent this summer and while the Atlanta Hawks want him back, he may just fly the coop.

All the way to Chicago, if what the Chicago Tribune is reporting. It is reporting that there is a “strong buzz” that Johnson would like to play for the Bulls. And that his agent — Arn Tellum — and Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf are tight. Therefore….

The theory goes that if the LeBron is leaving Cleveland they will want to do a sign-and-trade to get something back (plus LeBron wants that extra $30 million the Cavs can pay him). Part of that trade would be Luol Deng, and with Deng gone the Bulls could bring in another free agent, albeit one worth a couple million less than a max deal.

Enter Joe Johnson. He has the shooting to space the floor for the slashing Derrick Rose and, theoretically, James.

Johnson would be a good fit for the Bulls whether or not LeBron is there. The only question is how much he gets paid and for how long — he will be 29 next season and teams could come to regret a five-year contract.

But if you can be sure of one thing this summer, it is that someone will overpay for Johnson.