Obama thinks LeBron James would look great in a Bulls uniform

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obama.jpgApparently Barack Obama is willing to risk losing Ohio in the next election.

The Baller-In-Chief is a Chicago Bulls fan, so not a shock that he likes the idea of LeBron James playing for his team. ESPNChicago did the snooping.

“He doesn’t want to tamper,” senior adviser to the president — and former Bulls season-ticket holder — David Axelrod said. “But as a Chicago fan, the president thinks LeBron would look great in a Bulls uniform.”

That politician speak for “I want that to happen.” However, sorry Mr. President, but your awkward left-handed release is not going to get you a job as a spot-up shooting role player (even though that pays better than your current job).

Don’t worry Cleveland, you can counter though with…. Drew Carry? Halle Berry is probably a better choice to catch LeBron’s eye.