Cavaliers GM talks about everyone's favorite elbow


Cleveland’s season may be over, but speculation about LeBron James’ elbow is far from done. Cavaliers general manager Danny Ferry spoke about the elbow today, actually delivering some new information about the injury.

According to Ferry, LeBron’s elbow first started bothering him before an April 8 game against the Chicago Bulls, causing the team to sit him for that game and the four remaining games of the regular season. Ferry does not believe the elbow will require surgery. He also said that James was told that playing could not aggravate the injury.

For me, this means talk about the elbow should stop to some degree. LeBron had a great series against the Bulls, and shot the ball from outside as well as I’ve ever seen him do over an extended period of time. You don’t drain a 50-foot jumper if your elbow isn’t working. Maybe it was causing him discomfort, but he was clearly capable of dominating while in discomfort. It’s true that LeBron did struggle with his outside shot at times in the Boston series. It’s also true that every player in the NBA struggles with their outside shot at times, and LeBron’s jumper has never been his greatest strength. Ray Allen went 2-8 from the field on Thursday and 0-5 from beyond the arc; when’s his MRI?

Maybe the elbow injury was more serious than he was letting on. But throughout the Boston series, it seemed like losing was what aggravated the injury more than anything else. LeBron hasn’t been using the elbow as an excuse, and fans shouldn’t either. Until real information about the severity of the injury comes out, it’s probably best to focus on what happened on the court in the Boston series rather than inside LeBron’s elbow.