Dan Majerle sees the Sixers as a run-and-gun team


Dan Majerle, along with Doug Collins, Avery Johnson, Gordon Bombay, and the entirety of free agent coaches across all sports everywhere, is considered a candidate for the Philadelphia 76ers opening. There is value in being thorough, and the Sixers are nothing if not that in their search.

The factors that are going to separate one coaching candidate from another are obviously things like experience, personality, and basketball philosophy. Concerning the latter, when Majerle looks at the Sixers roster, he sees something similar to his current team, the Phoenix Suns. From Bob Young of the Arizona Republic:

Suns assistant coach Dan Majerle interviewed for the Philadelphia 76ers’ vacant head-coaching job Monday with 76ers President Ed Stefanski, Senior Vice President Tony DiLeo and consultant Gene Shue, and said the 76ers are built to “play fast” like the Suns.

“They’re talented,” Majerle said. “They’ve got a lot of similarities to the way we’re set up. I think they’re looking to play fast, which is probably one of the reasons they talked to me. With that personnel, they probably should play fast.”

It’s hard to disagree given the players that have actually been successful for the Sixers in the last year. Elton Brand used to be the type of low-post talent that a team could build around given the right pieces, but his previous excellence has been totally eclipsed by mediocrity. The best way to get Brand’s production up — as well as maximize the talents of Andre Iguodala and Thaddeus Young — may be to pick up the pace.

Elton may not be as mobile has he used to be, but if Majerle or the new head coach is willing to trust Lou Williams and Jrue Holiday in the open court, it could relieve some of the defensive pressure that has bogged down a limited Philly offense in the past. The Philadelphia roster isn’t exactly laced with offensive versatility or creativity, but even the Willie Greens and Jason Smiths of the world can look like capable offensive threats in seven seconds or less.