NBA Playoffs, Magic v. Hawks: Orlando has been obscenely dominant


Dwight Howard.jpgThe second round series between Orlando and Atlanta wasn’t expected to be terribly competitive, but the Hawks managed to surprise us all by…well, being even less competitive than expected. Not only could they not get a single victory in the series, but due to effort and execution issues from just about every Hawk, they were swept from the court in completely embarrassing fashion.

This match-up was the epitome of unfavorable for Atlanta, but I’m not sure there’s a valid excuse for just how poorly the Hawks played in this series.

Then again, it’s not too much of a surprise for the best team in basketball to look like the best team in basketball. The real story isn’t that Atlanta and Charlotte were winless, it’s that Orlando made them that way.

Basketball-Reference’s Neil Paine broke down the most lopsided playoff sweeps of all time, and no matter how you slice it — straight up point differential, accounting for overtimes, accounting for home court advantage, by measuring how many games in a series were lopsided — the Magic’s second-round dismantling of the Hawks was one of the most impressive in league history. Best of luck to the Magic’s eventual opponent in the conference finals.