Tom Thibodeau may finally be off the coaching carousel


For several years Tom Thibodeau has been riding the coaching carousel, interviewing for head jobs. He’s been on it so long that the unicorn has his vomit stained on it and he’s permanently lost his sense of balance.

But finally, mercifully, his merry-go-round may be coming to an end. The Boston Herald is reporting that Thibodeau is in the interview circuit for the Sixers, Hornets, and Clippers head coaching positions.

Thibodeau, widely considered the reason for the Celtics’ all-world defense over the past four seasons, has also been apart of defensive stalwarts in Houston and New York.

I’ve long since joked that Thibodeau either has some sort of nervous condition which results in a Michael-Scott-like interviewing personality or has a skeleton in his closet in the shape of someone David Stern dearly loved, because he’s been interviewed so often and never gotten a position. He interviewed with the Sixers last year before they went with Eddie Jordan (whoops) and the Kings before they went with Reggie Theus. Thibodeau by all accounts is well liked, and clearly has the intention of being a head coach.

Perhaps it’s simply a lack of experience or a concern over his offensive and development prowess that has kept Thibodeau in the assistant slot. But given the old adage that defense wins championships, you have to figure Thibodeau will get a gig sooner rather than later.

Where that leaves the Celtics remains to be seen.