George Karl could miss next season


Watching the Nuggets play in the first round hasn’t really improved the spirits or health of George Karl. Doesn’t look like he’ll have to watch a lot more of it, though.

But the question now is, will he be back next year. His son Coby Karl told Yahoo that is still up in the air.

Coby Karl said his father has the passion to return next season, but it remains to be seen whether his health will allow it. “It’s going to be his choice,” Coby Karl said. “He’s still struggling with his voice. The only thing is his voice is still bothering him. He’s getting better every day. One of his first loves has always been basketball and doing it the right way.”

The Nuggets certainly hope he returns, how much his leadership — and yelling — is needed to get this headstrong group of players to fit together has become clear. Basketball fans should hope he returns, just because he’s good for the game.

But Karl needs to do what is right for Karl first and foremost. If that means a season off, so be it.