Joakim Noah latest Bull to support Vinny Del Negro


Players support their coaches. We’ve all seen just terrible college football coaches — guys who needed the axe — having players making public offers of support. Normally you don’t read too much into that.

But the public support for Vinny Del Negro by Bulls players — particularly Derrick Rose — has to give the Bulls brass pause. And now Joakim Noah has hustled to his support (he hustles everywhere), according to ESPNChicago.

“Yeah I endorse Vinny [Del Negro],” Noah said on Wednesday. “He did a lot for me as a player. He gave me a chance to play.”

The public campaign for Del Negro makes one thing interesting — if they do fire him, who do they replace him with? It has to be a name big enough, someone popular enough that the move does not seem lateral. Just a little more pressure for John Paxson and the Bulls decision makers.