LeBron James loves him some Chicago


LeBron James is not playing Joakim Noah’s game.

Not just on the court, where LeBron’s game is several notches above (no offense to Noah, who has proven to be a quality player, but LeBron’s game is several notches above all but a couple guys). But off it as well.

LeBron is not going to be insulting another city.

“It’s an awesome city. Great restaurants, great shopping,” said James, who spent three summers in Chicago while in high school working out at Michael Jordan’s facility. “I have nothing bad (to say) about Chicago, and I’m not saying that because of what he said about Cleveland. I’m dead serious. We all love Chicago.”

Because every time LeBron says anything it is somehow spun into a hit about his plans this summer — Chicago does have room for a max salary! — he said he also loves Cleveland and Akron. He may have thrown in Cuyahoga Falls and Willoughby as well, who knows.

But he’s right about this — there is a lot to love about Chicago. Everything, really, except the wind whipping through downtown in February.