NBA Playoffs: Charlotte will keep attacking the rim, Dwight Howard will keep blocking them

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Dwight Howard.jpgDwight Howard was swatting shots in game one  like King Kong on top of the Empire State building swatting planes. In game one he had nine blocks, eight of those in the first half. He owned the paint.

But Charlotte’s Gerald Wallace said that didn’t intimidate them — the Bobcats are still going to attack the rim, he told the Orlando Sentinel. (via SLAM)

“He’s a shot blocker. We’re a team that attacks the rim. You put those two together, somebody has to win. Obviously he did a great job with nine blocks but I don’t think that stopped us from attacking the basket. His nine blocks didn’t affect the way we attacked the rim or the way we got to the basket. I think our main thing is we gotta keep doing it. He had nine blocks, but he had 5, 6 fouls too, right? So we can’t back away from attacking the basket. We gotta keep going…

“We’re going to keep going at him and we’re going to attack him. If he ends up with 20 blocks, he ends up with 20 blocks. He’s going to have to work for his 20 blocks. We don’t have anybody on this team that’s afraid to attack the basket and go at him. We’re not going to just let him think he’s the bully he’s the factor up under the basket, because he’s not. We play above the rim just like he does. Somebody has to win.”

So far, Dwight Howard is winning. He wins these battles a lot. But with the Bobcats offense, or lack thereof, they have no choice but to keep going inside looking for the high-percentage shot.

Somebody has to win.