John Salmons may test the open waters of free agency

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Yesterday we talked about the Milwaukee Bucks wanting to lock up John Salmons and trying to negotiate an extension for him. Of course they want to extend him, the Bucks have been a much-improved team since Salmons filled the shoes of the injured Michael Redd. They have been better than when Redd was playing, their offense is more balanced.

But Salmons may not feel the same way, at least according to Gery Woelfel of the Milwaukee Journal-Times.

The Bucks are seriously attempting to extend Salmons’ contract before possibly losing him to free agency this summer. But I’m hearing Salmons wants to test the free-agent waters and have the choice of playing where he wants to play the next couple of seasons.

This could be just negotiations — Salmons agent leaks his client wants to test the open waters of free agency in an effort to get the Bucks to offer more money. Or, it could be he really does want to pick his landing spot. Considering that Salmons has been traded at the deadline the last two seasons, he may have an idea of where he wants to play and who for.

Either way, Salmons staying with the Bucks is far from a sure thing.