Mehmet Okur has ruptured achilles

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Things were bad for the Jazz. Deron Williams had been bothered for much of the season with injury, Carlos Boozer tweaked his oblique in the third to last game of the season. They drew an unfavorable matchup with the Denver Nuggets and wound up without the precious home court advantage.

And the hits just keep on coming.

Mehmet Okur, starting center for the Utah Jazz suffered a ruptured Achilles last night in Game One versus the Nuggets. Ross Siler of the Salt Lake City Tribune broke the story via Twitter, and confirmed that GM Kevin O’Connor lists his recovery time as three to six months. He also shared the sad story that Okur had tears in his eyes last night after the game after the injury.

The impact for the Jazz is huge. Okur is a starter, a three point threat and a versatile big for the Jazz. Without him, the Jazz will have to turn to the smaller Paul Millsap and the inexperienced Fessenko. Against Denver’s fleet of explosive bigs (Nene, Kenyon Martin, Birdman), that’s going to be a problem.

It’s personally crushing for Okur, as not only can he not be with his team in the playoffs, but he won’t be able to play in the world championships this summer for the native Turkey.

Injuries are never fair, and so often are the difference in the playoffs.