NBA Playoffs: Rajon Rondo throwing up more than buckets, but will play in Celtics-Heat Game 1


Rajon Rondo has been very sick. He pretty much threw up all Thursday night and Friday morning, which kept him out of practice Friday morning. He still feels horrible. But after shootaround, the Boston Globe reports Rondo will play in Game 1 versus the Heat Saturday night.

Rondo’s still feeling terrible, as you can tell from this quote, courtesy of the Globe:

“[My energy’s] going to be different from tonight,” Rondo said, still
sounding slightly ill after shootaround this morning. “I still can’t
hardly breath much. But it’ll be alright. I haven’t vomited lately.”


You have to applaud Rondo for stepping up to play when it matters, but if he can’t go, that takes away a huge advantage for the Celtics in the backcourt. Nate Robinson is going to need a big game today, and whoever they get to guard Wade if Rondo is resting will need smart, immediate help.

Want to start the bets on if Rondo upchucks after chucking up a three on the floor?