Debate over resting LeBron nearing new levels of absurdity


LeBron James is the best player on the planet, and as such people really, really like seeing him play. Me too, as I delight in watching basketballing and basketbally things, especially when that basketballing is done by LeBron James.

That said, with championship-caliber teams there should be an implicit understanding between franchise and fan: if the regular season leaves nothing to play for, then “resting” (preventing them from getting injured) stars is not only logical, but responsible. It’s really a shame that you bought tickets weeks in advance, but that’s the known risk when you choose to go to the last game of the regular season.

Such risk is apparently unacceptable to some, and at least noteworthy according to the NBA’s Board of Governors. According to league spokesman Tim Frank (as reported by FanHouse’s Sam Amick), the Board will actually discuss the issue at the next meeting as if it were an issue of import. We’re sitting on things like revenue-sharing and CBA negotiations, and the Board of Governors is talking about whether or not LeBron James entertains Atlanta’s home crowd?

This really doesn’t have to be an issue of national security. It’s not a serious invalidation of our civil liberties, or even a disrespect to the consumer. It’s just a championship contender doing everything it can to make sure the ride through the postseason goes as smoothly as possible.