Shane Battier thinks the NBA should be a lot more like college


Duke graduate, face-guarding aficionado, and all-around nice guy Shane Battier sat down with Jason Friedman of yesterday with a bunch of ideas regarding how the NBA could be improved. And I do mean a bunch. What kind of rule changes does Battier want to see? You’re not going to believe this, but the former Wooden award winner and national champion at Duke thinks the NBA should be a lot more like college. Battier’s proposed rule changes include:

-Replacing All-Star weekend with an eight-team single-elimination tournament at midseason, similar to what they do in Spain. Battier adds that “you could even shorten the games to two halves of 20 minutes each.”
-Have the last two playoff spots in each conference given to the winners of single-elimination tournaments at the end of the regular season
-Shorten the first round to a best-of-five series, giving the underdog a better chance to win
-Shorten the regular season to 58 games
-Make technical fouls count as personal fouls, like they do in college
Battier is one of the league’s true good guys, and there’s nothing wrong with a great college player (and very good pro) wishing the NBA was a bit more like college. But it is just a little funny.