George Karl could be back for second round of playoffs

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Here’s what is really important: Things continue to progress as well as could be hoped in the treatment of George Karl’s cancer. This is all that matters.

But it is not a fast process — Karl will be out for the first round of the playoffs but could return to the Nuggets bench for the second round, his doctor told FanHouse.

Dr. Jacques Sarri, Karl’s personal physician, said Karl definitely will miss the first round of the playoffs. But Sarri put the chances at “two-thirds” Karl could be back for the second round if the Nuggets advance.

It indicated a very favorable prognosis,” Sarri said in an interview with FanHouse. “There is a 15 percent chance his cancer may come back after two years.”

As the article points out, that’s an 85 percent chance it will not. And that’s some pretty good odds. And Karl is starting to look better, according to his son Coby (now playing for the Nuggets):

“Just seeing his energy and his face and his demeanor, he’s definitely doing better and improving,” said Coby Karl, who is a thyroid cancer survivor.

That’s what is important. Karl being back for the second round would only be gravy.