LeBron James may be done for the season


Tonight LeBron James was again wearing an expensive suit on the bench, watching his team lose to the Indiana Pacers. He did the exact same thing the night before in Chicago.

Cleveland has two games left. Is LeBron going to suit up for either of those? There is speculation at several places on the Web that he is done for the season, getting more rest for a body that will have to carry his team for stretches of the playoffs.

Cleveland’s two games are against potential playoff foes, two of the Cavaliers biggest challengers in the East — Orlando on Sunday, then Atlanta on Wednesday. The Cavaliers have home court wrapped up. The question becomes: Do they need to make a statement in these games, or is letting LeBron rest more important?

This speculation on James is not coming out of the regular, key sources for Cleveland. Their beat reporters have made no such mention. But it is out there, and it seems plausible.