Shaun Livingston comeback party may stay in D.C.


livingston.jpgShaun Livingston is making plays. Smart passes when he drives the lane. Dunks. Playing some defense. All things we knew the number four pick overall from 2004 could do. But it’s one of the best stories of the year because we never thought we’d see him do them again.

Livingston suffered the most horrific knee injury in a game anyone can remember. To see him back on the court — starting for the Wizards and playing solidly — is making even opponents happy.

Livingston is going to be playing somewhere next year, he’s earned it. He told the Washington Post’s Michael Lee he’d like that to be in the nation’s capitol.

“Definitely — If I’m wanted. I hope everything works out right. I’m about winning and success. I’ve always based my career upon that. You got to obviously make the best decisions for your future and your career, so we’ll see what happens.”

Although the Wizards took a chance on him, Livingston said they don’t have a particular advantage over any other team. “I appreciate it, but it’s business as usual,” Livingston said. “They were looking at me coming in to see if I could help them, to see what’s best for their team. I got to do the same thing on my side.”

Livingston has been pretty good, starting 14 games for Washington and shooting a solid 50 percent on the way to 7.8 points and four assists per game. His PER is 12.8. Frankly a little low for a starter, but in Washington they take what they can get.

However, those are the numbers of a guy who should be playing in the NBA. And that alone is a heart-warming feeling.