Channing Frye wants to stay a Sun but wants to get PAID


Channing Frye had a career year in his contract year. Go figure. Never seen that before.

He wants to stay in Phoenix, having Steve Nash there to make sure he gets the open looks that allow him to shoot 43.6 percent from three this season and scoring 11 a game. But the man wants to get PAID. He told the Arizona Republic his $2.1 million for next year was not enough.

“We’re definitely tearing that up and getting me something new,” Frye said of the contract he signed in July. “I can not come back on that. It was awesome and it was a lovely amount of money. It’s probably been the best year of my career and, go figure, it’s my contract year. I wasn’t playing for a contract but, go figure, it is.”

Go figure.

The Suns and Frye should figure something out, because he’s a good fit as center for a seven-seconds-or-less team, where he can force the other team’s bigs to come out and cover him 23 feet from the basket. That just creates more room Steve Nash to dart around in the paint.

This leaves the Suns in a bit of a quandary, because Amare Stoudemire also is expected to opt out of his deal (worth slightly more at $17.7 million). That would be the Suns two starting bigs, which is not that easy to replace. Stoudemire is certainly the priority, but Frye wants to make sure he gets a kick at the can, too.