LeBron James is the best coach in Cleveland

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Tied game, less than 30 seconds left, playoff atmosphere in Cleveland with Milwaukee in town. The Cavs take a time out for the coach to draw up a play.

That would be LeBron James, of course. From the Beacon Journal:

”When he brought it up, I kind of chuckled because I was like: ‘Really? Are you kidding me?’ And lo and behold, they went out there and executed the play to a T,” the coach (Mike James) said. ”I don’t know if we’ve ever run the play before in that situation.”

James said it’s a play that the team doesn’t use a lot intentionally.

”We lull teams to sleep and we keep it in our back pocket and I knew it was a set they wouldn’t be ready for, because we hadn’t run it all day,” he said.

Here’s another way to interpret that last quote from LeBron:

“We are insanely predictable in our sets, we just do the same thing over and over late in games. I knew if we tried this one other set we barely run, nobody would see it coming.”

So, LeBron gets that diversity in the offense is a good thing. Well, at least somebody in Cleveland does.