Eddy Curry, Larry Hughes: stealing money


When you look at the worst contracts in the NBA, it is amazing just how many current and former Knicks players are on that list. Well, maybe not so much amazing as just sad.

Dime Magazine
put together a list of the top 10 NBA players just stealing money this year — guys getting paid to just sit on the bench. Not guys who are legitimately injured (Yao Ming isn’t stealing money, for example) but guys just getting paid to sit. The list:

Mark Blount $7.9M (Timberwolves)
Marko Jaric $7.1M (Grizzlies)
Eddy Curry $10.5M (Knicks).
Jerome James $6.6M (Bulls)
Darius Miles, $9M (Trail Blazers)
Larry Hughes $13.6M (Bobcats, Kings, Knicks)
Kenny Thomas $8.5M (Kings)
Brian Cardinal $6.7M (Timberwovlves, Knicks)
Bobby Simmons $10.5M (Nets)
Shawne Williams $2.4M (Nets)

Look at the teams that keep coming up on that list, then compare to the NBA standings. Not a coincidence.