Drew Gooden would rather play for Bucks than Clippers. Who wouldn't?


Our own John Krolik, writing at his own Cavs the Blog the other day, had a great line about the Clippers Drew Gooden:

-Putting up 20/10 lines for an imploding Clipper team always was Drew Gooden’s destiny.

Gooden doesn’t see it that way. Not surprisingly. He sees bigger things… like being a Milwaukee Buck, he told the Journal Times.

Tuesday night, before the Clippers played the Bucks at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Gooden spoke about his future and made it abundantly clear he wouldn’t mind the Bucks being a part of it.

“No question at all,” Gooden said. “I’d definitely have interest in coming here. They’re an up-and-coming team. They’re a team that has shown great improvement over the last year.”

The Bucks have had their eye on Gooden because he’s an affordable, reliable back-up big. And the Bucks need to shore up that front line. But this summer Gooden chose to sign with Dallas, then in trade deadline swaps got sent to basketball purgatory in Los Angeles. Now he is doing his penance and waiting to be freed this summer.

And maybe land in the basketball nirvana that is… Milwaukee? Who would have thunk it? But it’s a good place to be right now.