Vince Carter injures toe, but nothing is broken


It’s hard to play basketball with a sprained big toe.

Well, maybe not if you’re Ben Wallace, but if your game is based on running and jumping like Vince Carter’s is, then a sprained toe will have you sitting. And Vince Carter sprained his right big toe early in Sunday’s win against Denver.

The good news for the Magic is that we are talking just a sprain — X-rays showed nothing is broken. So now how long does Carter sit out? The Orlando Sentinel asked Stan Van Gundy that very question.

Magic coach Stan Van Gundy said he doesn’t think Carter and Pietrus will be out for “a long period of time.”

“That’s something that, as a coach, you can’t spend that much time worrying about,” Van Gundy said later. “You’re going to play with who you’ve got.”

For all you fantasy players deep in your playoffs with Carter on the roster…. I don’t know what to tell you. SVG was very vague. The Raptors are off until Thursday, so maybe he plays then. Or maybe you just put JJ Redick in your lineup.