Amar'e doesn't like McGrady professionally or personally


The N.Y. Post has a tidbit this morning regarding Amar’e Stoudemire. Apparently when Stoudemire was in high school, debating making the leap to the NBA, he approached McGrady at a football game to ask some advice, and McGrady brushed him off.

Not a good move, bro.

Stoudemire told the post he doesn’t like McGrady as a player or as a person, which is a pretty tough statement. Amar’e did say that the rift wouldn’t be a deciding factor on if he chooses to play in New York this summer, should he opt out, which he’s changed his mind about, oh, seven hundred times in the last two months.

It’s not surprising that McGrady has this beef. He’s proven to be one of the more bizarre personalities in the league. He’s deeply committed to charity work and actually produced a documentary about his trip to Darfur. But he’s been questioned by teammates who have thrown him under the bus on a consistent basis, angered management, and been run out of three towns on a rail. The man’s an enigma. Wrapped in a puzzle.

And kind of a jerk, apparently.