New Nets owner not exactly Internet savvy


NBA players are products of their generation — they communicate heavily via text and send emails, all from their cell phone. Often doing it while at a VIP table in the back of a bar while drinking Gray Goose.

New Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov may find it a challenge to relate to his players (via the Star Ledger and Ben Maller).

According to the May issue of Bloomberg Markets magazine, which features Mikhail Prokhorov on the cover, the incoming Nets owner doesn’t own a cell phone, never uses the internet, and has never tasted vodka. For that matter, he also has a $45 million yacht called Solemar that he never uses, because he gets seasick.

This shouldn’t be a problem, most of the other NBA owners are not exactly tech savvy (that guy in Dallas being a pretty major exception). Jerry Buss is not constantly checking the iPhone app store. The owners all pay people to do this for them. One of the perks of being rich.

Then again, if there is one thing NBA players can relate to it is large, frivolous expenses. A $45 million yacht he can’t use should earn him some instant street cred.