Arenas can't even play virtual basketball


Gilbert Arenas will not be playing any more professional basketball this season. Hey may not be playing next season, either, and his playing future is very much up in the air. Plus, to make matters worse, he won’t even be available for video game basketball next year.

EA Sports has been conducting online fan voting to determine the rosters for the highly anticipated NBA Jam redux, but when the options for the Wizards were made available, Arenas’ name was left off the list entirely. It’s no surprise why.

Chris Littmann of First Cuts contacted EA Sports about Arenas’ exclusion, and this was their representative’s response:

“Gilbert’s omission from NBA JAM voting is the product of production deadlines and Gilbert’s current inactive status as a result of the suspension. As is the case with all of our sports titles, we’ll continue to monitor the situation and have the capacity to update our in-game features via downloadable upgrades throughout the season.”

This is undoubtedly the biggest problem on Gilbert’s plate right now. The re-launch of Jam is an event of epic propotions, but luckily for Gil, the EA rep’s comments seem to indicate that there’s hope for him yet.