Arenas agent says he lost $50 million


While the tough talk of prosecutors got all the attention yesterday, Gilbert Arenas’ attorney also made his case to the judge.

His idea — no jail time, some community service and six months of probation, according to the Washington Post.

“It is clear” that the incident “was not intended to be violent, but was rather a very misguided attempt to play a prank to provoke a reaction” from Crittenton, (Arenas’ attorney Kenneth L.) Wainstein wrote.

Wainstein said Arenas has already been punished. The NBA’s 50-game suspension will cost Arenas $7 million this season, he wrote in his 37-page memo. Wainstein said Arenas has lost more than $50 million in endorsements, bonuses and other compensation after he was dropped by Adidas and Spalding. Wainstein included dozens of letters of support for the former all star.

Wainstein’s letter is a far cry from the voice of prosecutors, who called for three months of jail time, three years of probation and 300 hours of community service. Of course, in an adversarial system like ours, you expect the two requests to be dramatically different.

The only voice that really matters is Superior Court Judge Robert E. Morin. He speaks on Friday.