Pierce says he came back from injury too soon

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With a recent four-game winning streak that included wins on the road against Houston and Dallas, the Boston Celtics are letting everybody know that rumors of their demise may have been exaggerated. Eastern Conference Player of The Week Paul Pierce has been the key to Boston’s recent string of wins, having scored 26 and 29 points against Houston and Dallas. Pierce has also been scoring efficiently; after shooting only 36% from the field in February, Pierce has shot 51.4% in March.

Like most of the veterans on the Celtics, Pierce has been banged up this season. According to the Boston Herald, some of Pierce’s struggles may have been due to Pierce trying to play through those injuries:
“Yeah,” Pierce said of whether he rushed back. “I was a little stubborn, since in the past I was able to play through it, and it really affected my play. It was a combination of everything. My knee, after all-star break I got it drained, and it took me a few weeks to get the strength back in that. Then I sprained my thumb. It was the little things that were happening to me.
I’m always motivated. This is a crucial time of year, trying to get some momentum and battling for playoff position. This is when you really want to start playing your best basketball.”

Most people believe that the Celtics are a serious threat to win the East when they’re healthy, and they may actually be getting healthy now. The Cavaliers and Magic are still the favorites to come out of the East, but don’t write off the Celtics as serious contenders just yet.